Make a Claim

Rentguard understand the importance of dealing with all claims quickly and efficiently, working with underwriters to ensure that matters are dealt with as soon as possible.

Please be aware of the details and steps below to help you with processing a claim.

Call to make a claim: 0208 587 1060

The call centre will be open from 8:00am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday, and 9:00am - 2:00pm on Saturday.

Please call Rentguard and ask to speak with a claims adviser who will be able to assist you in handling your claim. It is always advisable to read through the policy wording, terms and conditions, which is attached to your insurance policy, to check first that the claim is covered by the policy.

Please note that you must submit your claim within the timescale stipulated in the terms & conditions on your policy wording. RGA must be informed of any problems in submitting a claim within this time period. An RGA claims advisor will be able to advise about all aspects of your policy.

What will I need?

In order for Rentguard to process your claim swiftly the following information will need to be provided.

Policy certificate number

Details of claim

The date of loss

Estimated cost to repair/replace items

A claims form will also need to be completed, which will be sent to you once you have notified a claims adviser of the claim.