When Did Everyone Become A Landlord?


Hello there! Welcome to the new and–hopefully–improved Brokers Direct blog. I want to open my first post with a question, the same one alluded to by the title of this post: Have you noticed that there are more and more landlords around? In recent months I’ve seen several friends and relatives climbing on the buy-to-let...

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Landlords Can’t Mention Commonwealth Games

Landlords advertising properties on the classified advert website ‘Gumtree’ have been told that they cannot mention the Commonwealth Games in their adverts. The Commonwealth Games organisers have asked the website to remove all adverts which refer to the event so that tourists are not ‘misled’. This is not without precedent in the UK, with Olympic...

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Time For Landlords To File Their Tax Returns

It’s been almost six weeks since the 2013-14 tax year ended, but most landlords will not have even started to think about their submission to HMRC. We recommend that you don’t put it off for too long, with up to £1,600 of penalties at stake it’s worth avoiding a last minute panic. While the earliest...

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How Common Are Tenant-Landlord Disputes?


According to the latest research by AA Home Membership, 22% of landlords have had disputes with their tenants. The figure may be viewed as reassuringly low, but there is obvious room for improvement. So, what is the cause of these clashes? The survey revealed that the most common source of disagreements was damage to properties,...

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‘Greedy’ Landlords Dominate The Headlines


Landlords are once again on the wrong side of the press, with stories hitting the headlines this week on how much landlords earn, and the ‘terrible’ ways they make their fortunes. So why, once again, is the industry falling into a negative light? The attacks on the profession have been varied, but their key focus...

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Buy-To-Let Rental Yields Set To Fall As Property Prices Rise


Property analysts are warning that buy-to-let landlords could be seeing smaller yields in 2014, despite rents and property prices increasing. After the economic crisis, property prices plummeted but rents continued to increase. Now, in Berlin and London, two of Europe’s strongest property markets, buy-to-let investment doesn’t seem to be as stable as it was 6...

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