Selling Your Home Privately Using Squarespace


It’s now easier than ever to bypass the estate agent and sell your property privately. There are dedicated online portals for private sales, reducing the cost of selling significantly. Instead of a £4000 estate agent fee, homeowners are opting to pay around £500 for a platform to advertise and sell their property through. Today we’re...

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The Rise Of House Sharing Apps


In my day, by which I mean about 2007, finding flatmates was a pretty low-tech affair. You were generally limited to Uni friends who were still speaking to you after three years of close proximity or whoever you could rustle up with an ad in the local paper. My, how things have changed. Today we’re...

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How To Get Better At Tenant Onboarding


In tech, the onboarding process refers to the experience new users go through before they start using an app or piece of software. Sometimes it’s a valuable, intuitive series of steps that’s clearly had a lot of time and effort put into it. Other times, it’s one poorly worded popup that just feels like an...

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Is Buy-To-Let A Good Retirement Strategy?


With ISAs taking a long time to build up – 15+ years of maximum deposits to make ~£10,000 interest per year – and a stocks and shares market that can be volatile, buy-to-let might sound like an ideal solution for those approaching or entering retirement. But, there are a few things to take into account...

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Winter Property Maintenance Tips


Well, much to the irritation of those of us who don’t see the point in snow unless it happens at Christmas, it appears that the big freeze is on its way. We’ve had this post on our to do list for a while, but thought that a warm, wet December would render it pointless. What...

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