Modernising Insurance Through eTrading

Modernising Insurance

Thursday welcomed Scotland’s inaugural eBroking event to Glasgow, highlighting technological advances in the insurance industry and encouraging brokers to harness online trading. Brokers Direct has a keen interest in technology, but feel the insurance industry is lagging behind. It was with much intrigue we attended eBroking, which hosted a panel debate on modernising insurance and...

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SIE Tech Entrepreneurs Talk

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The Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) aims to expose students and graduates of Scotland’s higher education institutions to entrepreneurship. Part of how it tackles this is by hosting events with a line-up of speakers, providing insights on how attendees can embrace entrepreneurship. Personally, I think entrepreneurship is interpreted differently by each individual. To me, entrepreneurialism...

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Introducing Our Quote System Prototype

Brokers Direct | Prototype Quote System

Last week, we deployed a prototype of our quote system to Heroku. We did this as an opportunity for real people to play with it and gauge user feedback, most of which has been positive. The quote system uses dummy figures to generate a fake premium, although – one day – we do hope to...

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Startup Weekend Glasgow


With a number of successful startups headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, it can sometimes feel the startup scene in Glasgow is flagging behind. This weekend, however, saw the city welcome Startup Weekend for the second time. No talk, all action. Launch a startup in 54 hours. Startup Weekend describes itself as a “global network of passionate...

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A First Look At Lodger


Built by Brokers Direct, Lodger is a simple property rental management tool. There are many of these on the market, but one thing they lack is an attractive and manageable interface. Enter Lodger. Lodger is powered by Ruby on the Rails framework, designed with the intention of giving landlords a simple overview of their rental...

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A new website for Brokers Direct


All good things come to an end, and after 4 sterling years with the previous edition of the Brokers Direct website, things needed a shake-up. We’re super happy to release the anchor and ship the newly redesigned website for Brokers Direct. We’ve worked hard over the last few months to build something more usable and...

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