How The Budget 2014 Will Affect Property Investors


Among the many changes announced in the Budget this week were several that will affect the UK property sector. Here’s our run down on what the taxation changes mean for investors and landlords. Firstly, the government is clamping down on property investors who buy homes through a company. In 2012 a 15% Stamp Duty (SDLT)...

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The Growth Of The Local Landlord


In their Monthly Lettings Index for February, Countrywide Residential Lettings published findings that over 56% of landlords live within 10 miles of their rental properties. Perhaps a more shocking statistic from the same research is that only 6% of the Nation’s landlords have more than one rental property on their portfolio. London’s landlords have the...

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Free Mockup Template


This photo was originally taken for the Lodger promo page, but we felt the warm colours of Lodger didn’t suit the cooler tones of Fredericks Coffee House. Feel free to download the high-res image and use it for a mockup in one of your designs. For example, the below image is what we had planned...

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Win A Ticket To Industry Conf

Industry Conference

There are a lot of nice things we can say about Industry Conference based on 2013’s offering, although we are mildly biased (I may have been one of the speakers). To celebrate the return of Industry in 2014, we are giving away a free ticket. One person will be chosen at random to learn, be...

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Founders Hub

Jack at Founders Hub

Finding ourselves in an unfamiliar city, Cardiff, Wales and with an entire day to get stuff done, we found productivity in Founders Hub, a newly opened space for ‘makers’ in the centre of Cardiff. Launched by the same force behind Handheld Conference, Craig Lockwood wanted to solve his problem of working from home, providing an...

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Handheld Highlights

Jeffrey Zeldman

Mobile has been a hot topic this month, with the subject influencing last week’s Handheld Conference in Cardiff, Wales, and sneaking into last month’s eBroking event in Glasgow. It’s no secret the insurance industry is lagging behind in this respect, although – judging from discussion at the eBroking event – this is set to change in...

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