Countdown Is On For Landlords To Go Green

Research at the beginning of the year revealed that around 60% of the UK’s private landlords intend to expand their property portfolios in 2014, but how many will take energy efficiency into account when choosing a property? In 2011, when the Green Deal was first announced, plans to introduce energy efficiency standards for private landlords...

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The Immigration Bill To Change The Rules For Student Landlords

Harry Roberts

This week, the UK Government announced significant changes to the way the ‘Immigration Bill’ will affect student accommodation owners. The latest amendments propose that landlords of purpose build student residences will be exempt from some of the immigration checks that will become legal requirements if the Bill is passed. In a nutshell, the Immigration Bill...

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The Rising Cost Of Damp


In Britain’s cold climate, problems of damp and mould are not new, and not restricted to one type of home or one area of the country. But the prevalence of the problem does not mean that landlords should ignore it. That could be a costly mistake. Ignoring tenants’ complaints about damp could lead to hefty...

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Nest: The Thermostat That Will Save Home Owners Money


We’ve been keeping our eye on Nest’s products for a while, particularly the smart thermostat that’s designed to save energy and – in effect – save you money. After the US launch in 2011, the Nest Learning Thermostat is finally available in the UK, and we think this device could be of particular interest to...

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The End Of The Accidental Landlord?

When the bottom fell out of the property market, a new profession was created: The Accidental Landlord. These landlords were often homeowners who suddenly had to rent out properties when they were unable to sell them. Once in the industry by ‘accident’, years of commitment have led them to become known as the ‘reluctant Landlord’,...

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Plentific: An Alternative To The Traditional Estate Agent


We love to see a traditional market being challenged, and we love good design. This is why Plentific caught our attention; an app which provides tools to aid you with your home buying experience, offering expert advice along the way. Plentific describe themselves as helping you make the right decisions during your home buying journey,...

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