Plentific: An Alternative To The Traditional Estate Agent

We love to see a traditional market being challenged, and we love good design. This is why Plentific caught our attention; an app which provides tools to aid you with your home buying experience, offering expert advice along the way.

Plentific describe themselves as helping you make the right decisions during your home buying journey, with aid from an array of cleverly designed calculators and expert, unbiased advice.

Getting on the property ladder can often be a source of frustration for many, with high street estate agents proving unpopular amongst buyers. Buyers claim estate agents are untrustworthy and often put profit over customer satisfaction. Plentific gives the buyer a bit more control, removing the need for an estate agent by offering a vast database of real estate listings and access to the best Property Coaches.

Property listings within the UK can be searched via Plentific, giving you the opportunity to see at a glance if you can afford the property based on certain calculations. The option to speak to a trusted mortgage adviser is there, should you need it.


The addition of the Academy is a welcome one, reducing the headache of getting on the property ladder by providing detailed guides of the various stages of buying a property. Buying, Mortgages and Selling are all subjects covered within depth, amongst other topics. Plentific breaks these down further, from covering neighbourhood analysis, to knowing your monthly budget and managing or reducing your bills.

It’s important for buyers to have access to impartial advice when on the hunt for a home, and Plentific really do seem to hold your hand throughout the entire process. Perfect for the first time buyer.