Handheld Highlights

Mobile has been a hot topic this month, with the subject influencing last week’s Handheld Conference in Cardiff, Wales, and sneaking into last month’s eBroking event in Glasgow. It’s no secret the insurance industry is lagging behind in this respect, although – judging from discussion at the eBroking event – this is set to change in 2014.

A lot of focus from Handheld was on content, the process, and mobile first, which essentially boomerangs back to content. Having a responsive site is “more than just being able to move your browser window in and out”, content has to be prioritised, content has to be structured.

Andy Clarke

And then there was Ling…

Ling Valentine stole the show with her talk: ‘When Responsive Sites Work As Well As A Chocolate iPhone’. Ling – who leases / sells cars and arrived on stage in a dalek – made a valid point; nobody is going to use their mobile on the go to spend £12K on car. Instead, they’ll browse her website on a desktop at home, taking their time to make a decision. It was the perfect case study as to why mobile isn’t always best.

Ling Valentine

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