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The Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) aims to expose students and graduates of Scotland’s higher education institutions to entrepreneurship. Part of how it tackles this is by hosting events with a line-up of speakers, providing insights on how attendees can embrace entrepreneurship.

Personally, I think entrepreneurship is interpreted differently by each individual. To me, entrepreneurialism has little to do with background and education, and much to do with spirit.

This was precisely what I wanted to convey with my talk at SIE in Strathclyde University, as well as the fact there is no magic formula to getting a business off the ground (you have to execute! If you do nothing each day, it adds up to nothing). I did, however, provide some practical tips on reducing the cost of launching a business.

Ashley speaking at SIE

Ashley speaking at SIE, photo by @sie_gsa

Ashley speaking at SIE

Ashley speaking at SIE, photo by @SIEinformatics_W

I was joined by three other speakers, all of which gave interesting presentations on their background and provided pragmatic advice;

Thank you to Tadas and SIE for inviting me to speak.

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