Introducing Our Quote System Prototype

Last week, we deployed a prototype of our quote system to Heroku. We did this as an opportunity for real people to play with it and gauge user feedback, most of which has been positive.

The quote system uses dummy figures to generate a fake premium, although – one day – we do hope to replace the third-party quote system we currently use with something similar to our prototype (single page, responsive, premium generated asynchronously).

Brokers Direct | Prototype Quote System Premium

We think the bar for technology in the insurance industry is low, and this was further echoed by our users’ surprise and delight when playing with the quote system.

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Twitter Reaction 06

Of course, we’re also open to constructive criticism in aim of building a better product.

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Development-wise, we were able to rapidly build and deploy our quote system using Ruby on Rails, Dan Eden’s CSS framework, Toast, and cloud application platform, Heroku. Speedy. Just the way we like it.

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