RailsBridge Workshop

Brokers Direct attended Edinburgh’s inaugural RailsBridge workshop for women; an event designed to teach beginner and intermediate levels how to create web applications with Ruby on Rails.

RailsBridge is an organisation that works to increase diversity in tech by putting on a variety of awesome free events.

We can, indeed, confirm it is awesome. Programmers were split into groups depending on their experience and given a curriculum to work through. With a teacher manning each group, participants could then reach out and ask questions or be guided through code if stuck.


About 20-30 female programmers populated TechCube, ranging from complete beginners to Computer Science students.

The outcome was a voting app. Users can add topics and have people up or down vote the topic (similar to StackOverflow). An educational yet fun day which we would attend again given the opportunity (RailsBridge is based in the US and was passing through Scotland for the Scottish Ruby Conf).